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Although established in 2023, Adamant Electrical, LLC seeks to be at the forefront of the electrical contracting industry, delivering a wide array of services with unmatched expertise and precision. From intricate wiring projects to large-scale installations, our team is committed to ensuring the highest standards of quality and safety in every endeavor. At Adamant Electrical, LLC we specialize in residential, commercial, or industrial electrical services, new construction and remodel with our primary focus being on HVAC, mechanical, refrigeration, and plumbing contractors. Our comprehensive offerings include electrical installations, repairs, maintenance, EV installations, panel upgrades, indoor and outdoor lighting solutions upgrading to LED, electrical system inspections for commercial, residential with annual maintenance, SPD’s, and energy-efficient solutions.

Mission Statement

We strive to do more than just the bare minimum installations. Instead of worrying about our bottom line we believe the statement of integrity, honesty and excellence are not just statements of empty promises but should be a lifestyle the company lives by. With Adamant Electrical we believe that you can not put a price of electrical safety that is why we will do more then just the bare minimum at little to no extra cost to the customer. At Adamant Electrical, our commitment goes beyond merely performing basic installations. We prioritize principles over profit, embracing integrity, honesty, and excellence not just as corporate slogans, but as core values that guide our daily operations. We firmly believe that electrical safety is priceless, which is why we consistently go above and beyond the bare minimum without significantly adding to our customers' costs. Our dedication is to provide top-quality service that ensures both safety and satisfaction, without burdening you with unnecessary expenses. Here at Adamant Electrical We believe in putting more investment into our employees rather than the ownership. We treat our employees like family and not another number.

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